3 Simple and Easy Style Ideas for your home

Styling your home can be simple and affordable with a few fresh additions.  When I'm staging a home for resale, I'm always creating little vignettes or artful displays to catch someone's eye when they are looking at a home to purchase.

Here are a 3 tips:

1. Flowers:  Fresh flowers always liven up a space. While I'm not a huge fan of big 'faux plants', sometimes a little faux flower here and there can be pretty too.

I'm loving the simplicity and texture of these faux Indian Paintbrush flowers available at West Elm. They make an elegant statement.  For a long lasting (and live) flower- try an orchid..  Trader Joe's always has orchids for the BEST prices!  They last for weeks and they look so lovely!

2.  Towels:

Yes, towels.  When was the last time you bought new towels?  For many of us, buying new towels is not on the top of our 'to-do' list.  But pretty, fresh, uniquely designed towels can make your bathroom shine! Target has a great selection here.

3. A rug in your entry!

Whether you have an expansive entry or a small vestibule, I always love to see an entry rug that has a little pizzazz that makes a statement as to who you are and what exemplifies your style aesthetic as you welcome people into your home. For more awesome rug ideas, click here.