How to decorate your first apartment on a budget- 4 tips

Decorating an apartment on a budget is on my mind right now, because my oldest son recently graduated college.....and will soon be moving out on his own.

So, how does one go from furnishing something that looks like this..... something that looks like this?  All on a budget?

(photo property of Price Style and Design)

The best way to curate a stylish and affordable living space is to create a mix of low and medium priced interior items. And by 'low and medium', I don't mean 'ugly or cheap'.  There are so many beautiful and stylish options available.

 Here are my tips on how to furnish and style an apartment while on a budget.

apartment living

Seriously, thrift shops have an awesome selection of super affordable glassware, pots, pans, cutlery, you name it.  I recently purchased an awesome set of champagne flutes for 50 cents each from my local Salvation Army!


While I wouldn't purchase a bed or a sofa (unless you had it professionally cleaned) on this site, Craigslist is a great resource for purchasing affordable casegoods for your apartment.  With a little paint, a change of hardware, or even plain old refinishing....a used piece of furniture can look new and unique!  (For DIY inspiration, check out Sarah M. Dorsey Designs -- her DIY and furniture refurbishing ideas area AMAZING!)

shop smart

Great deals are to be had at places like Target, Ikea, Urban Outfitters, West Elm and Minted.  I suggest creating a color plan and then shopping online first to get a feel for what it is you like -- create a mood board on Polyvore to see if what you like actually looks good together.

Amazing treasures can be found at consignment stores and flea the thrill of the hunt is always fun!  Start a collection of brass elephants, look for vintage mirrors, curate art that speaks to you and shop for interesting shaped vases or trays.

BTW, if you are in the Bay Area, the BEST consignment store EVER is Leftovers in San Francisco!

Creating a home takes time -- so don't rush it!  And enjoy living on your own!