How to Incorporate Family Photos into a Gallery Wall

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  It's been a busy week here at Price Style & Design -- and I'm looking forward to a few days off!  But before I start relaxing I thought I'd share a few thoughts on how to incorporate family photos into an affordable art wall in your home.

I've had two clients recently, who each have large families, that want to display family photos in the 'public' areas in their homes.  By 'public', I mean the areas that are viewable and accessible by guests/friends. 

In an effort to accomodate my clients' desire to view and enjoy photos of their family, but also provide an artful space that is pleasing and not too personal for guests, I referred them to to help curate and plan a creative looking art wall.

If you've been reading this blog for a know that I am an art fanatic.  I always discuss art as a part of the design process when meeting with my clients.  Art is like the frosting on the cake!  It can make a room shine!

Here are my tips to create an affordable art wall that incorporates family photos:

1.  Make sure that all of your family photos are printed in black and white. (Too much color, is dizzying!)
2.  Frame all of your photos in the same color frame.  (The frames don't need to be the same -- just the same color!)
3. Go to and check out their limited edition art section (my favorite part of their website)
4.  Search the limited edition art section for colors, style and genre that relate to eachother.  In the mood board above, I selected colors that were gray and chartreuse, but also simple and abstract.
5. Measure the space in which you want to place your art/photo wall, and then create a template (on paper) that provides for a variety of shapes of art/photos, whose perimeters roughly are a large square above your sofa or console table.  (And remember, don't hang your art too high!!)

I love the way has interesting options to showcase your family photos:

My final tip, is that when creating an art/family photo wall, err on the side of art versus family photos in a public space.  Save the family photos for your bedroom, your work space, photo albums or facebook....this is just my humble opinion.

One final thing......check out the stationery, home decor  and wedding invitation options at  Seriously fab!