Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back to School: Modern Dorm Room

We are taking my youngest son to college on Saturday, so I have dorm rooms on my mind!   ......And when Modani (a modern furniture company) asked me to create a 'dream dorm room', I figured this would be a fun way to express what I would love to see in a dorm room if I was going to college now as an 18 year old!

Modern Dorm Room

Art print//Art print//Purple Chair//Orange Pouf//Desk Chair//Desk//Buddha Bookends//Task Lamp// Blue Pillow//Purple Pillow//Blue Throw

I love a modern aesthetic and of course, I'm drawn to color.  But comfort while studying would be high on my list, so I would love a tall office chair and a desk with clean lines and an awesome task lamp. My text books would go between those darling Buddha bookends!

My walls would be adorned with colorful prints, and when I wasn't studying  I'd hang out in a bright comfy purple chair and rest my legs on that wild pouf!  I'd love a white duvet on my bed and then the throw a little color at it with the purple and blue pillows and throw.

Oh to be young and going off to school!  I have fond memories of my college career and I'm so looking forward to hearing about my son's new adventures!


(While Modani asked me to participate in their Back to School Project, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.)

For store locations, click here.  And lucky for me a San Francisco Store is coming soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Creating a Statement with Your Front Door

I enjoyed reading my friend Elizabeth's post (over at The Little Black Door) about her glass front door --- and how she feels about it.  It got me thinking about my front door, and the front doors that I'm currently designing for my clients.  

I love a front door that makes a personal statement.  Here is my front door.....

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I'm originally from Hawaii -- and now living in California. And when we remodeled our home a while back, I wanted my front door to speak a little bit about Hawaii and my past.

Collaborating with my friend and designer extraordinaire, Marion Philpotts of Philpotts Interiors (yes, I've written before about her -- we are dear friends and were classmates at Punahou School).......this front door is one of my favorite parts of our home.

Marion picked up the gecko door handle on a trip to Bali, and put me in touch with a metal worker to create a copper basket weave inset in a custom mahogany door.

I always like to use tropical looking plants in my front door pots, and I smile every time I look at the Bufo frog sculptures that were in our home in Hawaii.  The Buddha sculpture was a gift from my BFF and reminds me to remain 'in the present' and that life is beautiful!

E Komo Mai*

What about you?  Does your front door make a personal statement?  Email me a pic!  I'd love to see it!

(*Welcome! Enter!)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things I'm loving on Etsy!


I'm absolutely swooning over this light fixture and debating whether to get it for my son's room and replace the little DIY shade I put in a while back.  The price on this fixture is so reasonable!

Of course, I always love the great and talented Kerry Steele .....her paintings are always simply fabulous! I'm currently thinking of using one of her paintings in my new office!

I'm big on cocktail rings and I'm still obsessing over agates.  What's not to love?

Okay, this dress is my big confession!  I've purchased three dresses from this designer!  All of them are the same fit and cut, but I got them in 3 different fabrics.....two fun summer prints and one solid black. The design of this dress is a-line and it 'swings' when you walk.  One size fits 'most' and every time I wear one of them, I get oodles of compliments! Plus it's soooooo comfortable!

And finally, a little Manuel Canovas pillow to brighten your day. This is a great pillow shop with lots of options for your decor!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Nordstrom + Etsy! And a few other things!

I'm finally getting around to checking out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 
(it ends on August 3rd!)

and I found a very pleasant surprise while navigating the website......

Nordstrom has partnered with some very talented Etsy artisans!

nordstrom plus etsy

If you don't know by now, I'm a huge art lover, and I do love me some affordable art!
There are many talented artists that Nordstrom is working with, and I highly recommend you check them out here.  Prices range from $28 - $95 -- very reasonably priced!

Of course, while on the site, I saw some super cute accent pillows and scooped up one of them for myself.  

Pillows are here.  (Watch for the zebra pillow in my home in a future post!)

I love how a pillow can make you smile!


Thank you to all of you who have checked in with me regarding my lack of blog posting......So sorry that I have been remiss in blogging as of late.  Sometimes life gets in the way!  But this time, it's in a good way!

My client list has quadrupled in the last couple of months -- and I've been so busy, actually working, that blogging has taken the wayside!  The good (okay, maybe I'm a little sad) news, is that my husband and I will be empty nesters come September when our youngest goes off to college.  I used to think I'd be so, so sad.....but I'm actually really excited to focus 100% on my work and new adventures!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Making Lemonade

Hi there! 

I love that old saying.....'when life gives you lemons...... make lemonade'.

The news of the world has been heavy on my heart and when I found this art print from 
One Kings Lane about making a gin and tonic instead..... it cracked me up.

Hence, this little yellow lemonade post! 

Making Lemonade



Monday, June 30, 2014

Things I'm loving...Pink and Orange

During the summer, I am drawn to hot pinks and bright oranges
 not only in fashion, but in fabrics and furnishings. 

I love neutral furniture with pops of color.  This room just makes me smile!

Fabrics from Romo are on my project list these days and I can't wait to share some client updates!

Aren't they yummy?

Pillows are an easy and affordable way to add pink and orange to your decor.
Here are some of my faves!

pink and orange pillows



Monday, June 9, 2014

"Tray of the Day" GUEST POST from Powell Brower Interiors!

Hello there!
My friend Nancy from Powell Brower Interiors is my first 'Tray of the Day' guest poster!  You all know I'm obsessed with using trays in my designs -- and showcasing a tray here and there on my blog as a 'Tray of the Day'.

Nancy and her daughter, Bethany, are design geniuses and wonderful blog friends of mine and they kindly agreed to share some of their recently styled trays!

So without further ado, meet Nancy!

Thank you Leslie for inviting us to share our tray styling ideas.  Trays used for serving? I think not!   We use alot of them in our own homes and in our client jobs, so if we see one we love while we're out and about, we pick it up.  

They define an area and consolidate accessories to make a nice vignette, almost like a resting place for the eye, rather than having knick knacks all over a table top.  

This striped navy and white tray is one Bethany repainted and uses in her living room.

Here are some trays we used in a client's living room design. We love how they make the objects so much more interesting!

You can never have enough trays! Clear lucite, exotic wood, painted  bold accent colors or metal or brass-  it's the easiest way to update a tabletop and easily changeable from room to room if you get bored.  Have fun and love your decor!

Powell Brower Interiors

Thank you Nancy!
Watch for more 'Tray of the Day' guests coming soon!
What about you, dear readers?  Do you use trays in your decor?  If so, send me a pic and I'll feature it on the blog!


Please visit Nancy and Bethany at Powell Brower Interiors!