Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Incorporate Family Photos into a Gallery Wall

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  It's been a busy week here at Price Style & Design -- and I'm looking forward to a few days off!  But before I start relaxing I thought I'd share a few thoughts on how to incorporate family photos into an affordable art wall in your home.

I've had two clients recently, who each have large families, that want to display family photos in the 'public' areas in their homes.  By 'public', I mean the areas that are viewable and accessible by guests/friends. 

In an effort to accomodate my clients' desire to view and enjoy photos of their family, but also provide an artful space that is pleasing and not too personal for guests, I referred them to to help curate and plan a creative looking art wall.

If you've been reading this blog for a know that I am an art fanatic.  I always discuss art as a part of the design process when meeting with my clients.  Art is like the frosting on the cake!  It can make a room shine!

Here are my tips to create an affordable art wall that incorporates family photos:

1.  Make sure that all of your family photos are printed in black and white. (Too much color, is dizzying!)
2.  Frame all of your photos in the same color frame.  (The frames don't need to be the same -- just the same color!)
3. Go to and check out their limited edition art section (my favorite part of their website)
4.  Search the limited edition art section for colors, style and genre that relate to eachother.  In the mood board above, I selected colors that were gray and chartreuse, but also simple and abstract.
5. Measure the space in which you want to place your art/photo wall, and then create a template (on paper) that provides for a variety of shapes of art/photos, whose perimeters roughly are a large square above your sofa or console table.  (And remember, don't hang your art too high!!)

I love the way has interesting options to showcase your family photos:

My final tip, is that when creating an art/family photo wall, err on the side of art versus family photos in a public space.  Save the family photos for your bedroom, your work space, photo albums or facebook....this is just my humble opinion.

One final thing......check out the stationery, home decor  and wedding invitation options at  Seriously fab!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

4 Styling Tips to Create a Unique Outdoor Entertaining Space

Hello!  Summer is rapidly approaching and I'm so excited to be entertaining outside again!  Recently, I added a few updates to our outdoor living and entertaining area, and I thought I'd share my tips for creating a unique space.

Tip #1:  Add an outdoor rug!
I used to think that outdoor rugs were not super practical.  But after doing a little research, I found that Surya makes really durable and relatively inexpensive indoor/outdoor rugs.  I love how an outdoor rug can really create cohesiveness to an outdoor space.
Well priced Surya rugs are available here.

Tip #2:  Create an eclectic look with your outdoor furniture.
You all know I dislike a matchy-matchy look when creating a room, and I feel the same way about outdoor spaces. While my chairs, cushions and ottomans came from Restoration Hardware (and I'm lucky we have an outlet nearby, where I acquired some of the pieces at a fraction of the price) -- I wanted a unique coffee table.  I found this coffee table/stand with a glass top on Etsy, and I asked the seller if she would sell it to me at a reduced price if I provided my own glass top -- making it easier for her to ship the item to me from the East Coast to the West Coast and reducing any chance of glass breakage.  She was agreeable, and the item arrived here really quickly and I love it!

Tip #4:  Curate a mix of outdoor pillows.
As I mentioned in this post, I can't stand 'run of the mill' outdoor pillows.  Create a color mix of pillows that speak to your personal aesthetic and don't settle for what's 'typical' in outdoor pillows!

I acquired these pillows through One Kings Lane, this Etsy shop and made a few using fabric from my own fabric stash. :)

Tip #4:  Shop your own home when styling your outdoor table.
Yes, I love a good potted plant as an outdoor centerpiece, but often times I forget to water it and it dies quickly!  Instead, I move things around from inside to the outside when guests arrive and I can create a quick styled vignette using items that I already own.  Trader Joe's has the most awesome and affordable orchids -- and they last for a very long time!!! 

I hope this inspires you to 'think outside of the box' when fine tuning your outside space!

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Kid Friendly" Family Room Reveal

Hi there!  I was finally able to run over to see one of my fave clients on Friday to snap a few photos of the family room that we completed a few months back and I thought I would share it with you! 

Here it is!!!

My clients are a young family with two little girls.  The goal was to create a room that was sophisticated but very kid friendly.

Aqua, Gray and Yellow Family Room

The design plan included a cheetah print rug because it would be so forgiving if anyone spilled food or beverages on it.  Sourced at a local carpet shop, we had a custom size cut and bound in black tape. We chose a large sectional from Pottery Barn in a dark fabric (again, to hide any potential spills or stains) and then added brightness with a tufted aqua velvet ottoman from World Market and pillows from Etsy.

I love to use to create design boards for my clients.  It really helps people visualize how things are going to look.  I sent my client this board with my decorative pillow suggestions for the sectional and she was able to purchase them directly from the fabulous pillow fabricators on etsy.

Etsy pillows for JD

The room called for a large media cabinet to run the length of one wall -- so we got two cabinets from Ikea and then mounted some fabulous hardware on the front of the doors to glam them up.

Isn't it amazing how hardware can make such a difference?

One other little jewel that we added to the room was a pretty light fixture from Shades of Light.  

The ceilings are 8 feet high and we selected this trellis chandelier because it was light and airy looking. We hung it close to the ceiling with only one or two links of chain so that it would look like it was meant to be a semi-flush mount fixture.  It's one of my favorite additions to the room!

The other light source comes from two lamps on tall cabinets that flank the windows on either side in the back of the room.  You can see one of them behind the sofa in this photo.

The lamps came from Pottery Barn.

The room was completed with a "Tray of the Day".  (Follow me on instagram @pricestyleanddesign to see a variety of other tray vignettes).  Trays are so fun to style!

Thanks for stopping by!  Please email me if you would like to hire me to refresh your space!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Serena & Lily: Have you seen them lately?

Serena & Lily Lately

Good gracious, if Serena & Lily served food, I think I would just have to move in!  I was pleasantly surprised earlier this week when I received an email from Serena & Lily touting their new fashion line!  They had me at 'trapeze dress'!  While I quickly placed that dress on my Pinterest Board -- I checked out the latest art for sale (always an affordable way to build up your original art collection!!!!); and fell in love with their new outdoor pillows; sourced this pendant for a client and admired all the other colorful and vibrant home accessories!  Truly one of my favorite places to shop!!

Click here for a peek at the rest of the clothing line.  It's really, really fabulous!

Oh!  And my favorite coffee table of all time is on sale!!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Good Price Great Style - Creating a Tray of the Day

good price.....
......great style

Creating a Tray of the Day....

A simple, stylish vignette on a tray is one of the easiest ways to glam up your coffee table.  Shop your own home for items that you love, pair them with books that you have on hand (I often remove the book covers because they look too busy) and always add some greenery.  An air plant, fern or orchid adds some softness to the tray and the surrounding objects.

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Secrets from a Real Estate Stager - 9 Tips for Staging/Selling Your Home

Why stage your home for resale? Well, the answer is, in my experience, you will get more money for your home.  I have seen it time and again that when a house is well staged, it becomes a more valuable commodity. Staging helps potential buyers see the 'flow' of the home with regard to seating, foot traffic, watching TV, working from home, etc.  I like to tell my clients that staging your home is like putting on a really great outfit for a job interview.  Sell your home like you would sell yourself to a potential employer.  Present a polished first impression.  According to Barbara Corcoran (real estate mogul and NBC Today Show contributor), "buyers decide within 8 seconds whether they are interested in your home".

While there are many 'tips and tricks' on Pinterest and other sites telling you how to prepare your home for market....I thought I'd share my tried and true formula for presenting your home for resale.

TIP #1:  Hire a GREAT REALTOR!  Do your research and interview at least 3 realtors that have been successful in your area.  Ask for references.

TIP #2:  Let the realtor do their job.  Yes, I know I'm not even talking about staging yet, but so often I see homeowners trying to tell their real estate agents what they think their home is worth and how it should be presented.  You hired a real estate professional for a reason.  Let. them. do. their. job.

TIP #3: Let the real estate agent find a stager.  More than likely, the agent has a stager or two that they work with on a regular basis.  Again, this goes back to 'letting the agent do their job'.  Stagers and agents need to work in simpatico to make the home marketable to the best target audience.

TIP #4:  Now we get to staging!  Preferably, if you can move out of your home during the selling process, that is the best option.  Because 'living in a home' is not quite like 'staging a home'.  If you end up living in the home while it is staged, then be forewarned that sometimes the stager has a different interpretation of how the living spaces will be presented. The stager's job is to create an artistic representation of life in the home for the target market.

TIP #5:  Now on to my tried and true staging tips.  Color Schemes.  It's important to create a visual flow for the potential buyer as they walk through the home.  For each home that I stage, I first create a color scheme that will be carried through each room of the house. From furniture to area rugs, and pillows to decorative accessories, each room and all the pieces work together to tell a unified story. People respond to color.  Color helps people remember the individual rooms or differentiate between the myriad of homes that they are looking at to purchase. Color evokes emotion and creates a memorable bond with the home.

Green color scheme:

Yellow color scheme:

Red color scheme:

TIP #6:  Let. the. stager. do. their. job.  A few times, though not many, after I've finished my job, the homeowner will come in and say something like..."I hate green!" -- and I've just staged the whole house with a green color scheme.  To them, I say (politely), "it's not about you anymore -- this is a house that is going to be sold and it is no longer your home".  That sounds harsh (I do try and say it in a much nicer tone believe me....) but it's true.  Let. the. stager. do. their. job.

TIP #7:  Not every nook and cranny needs to be staged.  If you are living in your home during the selling process -- then eliminate everything you possibly can that is personal.  Pack up or edit items that are on bookshelves, clear off the clutter on the counters, etc. The potential buyer needs to see the 'space' instead of your 'stuff'. I like to create artful compositions on bookshelves, counters or coffee tables that will be remembered instead of visual clutter.

TIP #8:  Respect the staging process.  Some people confuse 'staging' for 'interior design'. While there are similarities (yes, creating beautiful spaces), staging occurs within a 1-2 day time frame, using the stagers existing inventory, while with interior design, one has the luxury of time to slowly build and layer room by room.  Every home I've ever staged, needs something that I probably don't have in my inventory.  I either have to buy it or rent it from another source.  The staging process happens so quickly, and often times the day of staging is what I call 'a work in progress' -- I bring things in and place them, then revise, revise and revise until I'm done at the end of the day.  I encourage my clients NOT to show up in the middle of the day to see what I'm doing -- because at the end of the day it will most likely be different!

Beginning of a typical staging day (bringing in the furniture):

Middle of the day, editing and organizing:

Final at end of the day:

TIP #9:  Breathe.  Inhale and exhale.  Seriously.  Selling your home is one of the most stressful things that you may go through in life. (Click here to read more about that!)


(All images are the property of Price Style and Design)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Outdoor Pillows - Ikat and more

Good news and bad news.  The good news is, that it's so warm in Northern California on March 11th, that you can sit outside in the early evening and enjoy a lovely glass of wine without being freezing.  The bad news is, global warming is alive and well.  It's hard to celebrate the warmth when you know that we are in a drought crisis and that our little earth is changing!

But, despite the fact that I feel guilty (#californiadrought), I thought I'd do a little post on the cool outdoor pillows that I've been eyeing lately.  

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I love pillows!  Pillows are the easiest way to transform your space!!!

   However, my pet peeve is 'traditional outdoor pillows' -- you know, the ones that have 
'anchors' or 'stripes' or 'fish' on them.... :)  

   Your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor let it reflect who you are!

   Me?  I love ikat.  I love wild colors.  I love making a statement.

   Here are my picks for some 'out of the box' outdoor pillows that I'm mulling over for my 
personal outdoor space........


Cheers!  (But I feel guilty!)