Monday, September 9, 2013

Living room in a day!

Thought I'd share a little 'living room installation' that happened recently for a staging job that I did for my dear friends Finola and her sister Suzi (who are both real estate agents, and if you click on their names -- you will just flip over how beautiful these two sisters are!  They are from a huge Irish family and let me tell you...there's not an ugly one in the bunch!)

Anywho, here's how it started...

And yup, these are top quality iphone pics.....

It started with an empty room, then I added a beautiful pink and green oriental rug, coffee table perpendicular to the fireplace and green sofas and chairs...

And who doesn't love a fabulous green asian armoire?

A few pillows and accessories, and so far so good....

But notice the mirror change above the fireplace mantle? (Compare the last two photos!)

Finola had a better idea.....literally!

She loves to shop at Wisteria and pulled this mirror from her home to bring over to the real estate listing.... I think she nailed the mantle!  Don't you?



Kelly McMahon said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

House@heart said...

Amazing!! Love the rug and the red/fuschia pillows on the sofa!!

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