Sunday, July 14, 2013

Same pillow, different sofa

Remember this photo from one of my recent posts about a residential staging job?

Look closely at the yellow and white pillow above (from HomeGoods!) and next see how I used it while staging another home for an entirely different look:

Pow!  Doesn't this color combination pack a punch?

If you are familiar with color theory, this color combination is called accented analogic.

I love to test out color combinations on Color Scheme Designer.  It's a fun way to look at what colors work together.  Here's a sample of the scheme that I doodled with on the site:

I had the homeowner paint the walls Wasabi Green from Benjamin Moore, ( I know, crazy right?) and  then for staging, I brought in a purple sofa and loveseat....

...and accented the room with an eggplant and chartreuse rug, and green and yellow accessories!

I carried the color combination into the dining room....but had the walls painted in Concord Ivory from Benjamin Moore

Then moved the combo down to the master bedroom and had the walls painted in Carrington Beige (again, Benjamin Moore)...

Here are a few photos of the space before it was staged for resale.
(NOTE: I've fuzzified the faces of the homeowners to protect their privacy)

Living Room Before:

Dining room before:

And the master bedooom, before:

Staging a home prior to selling can really help you increase your profit margin!

Plus, playing with color is fun!



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