Monday, February 13, 2012

A girl likes pink, you know

Yes, if you asked me, then I would have to say, that pink is my favorite color.

When I was a child, I had a pink room with pink wallpaper, 
a pink shag rug and a canopy bed with a pink  bedspread.  
What a princess I was!

Nowadays, I gotta get a little pink in my life any way I can. 
 I live with 3 boys/men (2 sons, 1 husband) -- actually 4 if you count my dog, Sherman.

Life with men is not pink at all.
  It's messy; it's 'what's for dinner?' or 'I'm hungry', or 'have you seen my shoes?'-- it's never, 'did you see that pretty pink dress?'  'Would you like some pink champagne?' 'Wanna paint our fingernails pink?' 'Did you see that pink sweater at J.Crew?'

So I made a little pink space for myself.  It's my little workspace.

It's nothing fancy, but it's mine.

I got lots of girlie stuff on my desk.  Like this cool painting that my mom found at an art gallery in Montana.  I just love it.

And I gotta couple of cool things here -- I have a little vintage asian plate with an air plant that I found on; a little vintage box that I inherited from my parents-in-law; oh and a ceramic dog that is a scottish terrier, like the dog I had as a child.

And, I got some hula girls, that remind of me of my beautiful childhood in Hawaii:

I have some sweet artwork that my oldest son did in preschool (17 years ago!!!) that I had framed:

And the best thing is my little head scratcher thingy, that I put on my head when I get stressed out.

Think Pink and Happy Valentines Day!!!!